01. The cows were [grazing] in the field when the wolves came.
02. The fields have been [grazed] by sheep, and are getting quite bare.
03. There were large herds of [grazing] animals, such as zebras, antelope and others, spread out across the savannah.
04. The young boy took the horses out to the meadow to [graze].
05. The bullet hit him in the chest, [grazed] his heart, and exited out his back.
06. The farmer owned a few acres of [grazing] land, as well as a field of vegetables.
07. The batter swung at the ball, just [grazing] it.
08. In April of 1912, after [grazing] an iceberg, the ocean liner Titanic sank about 400 miles south of Newfoundland.
09. I swatted at the fly, [grazing] it slightly - a fly's equivalent of a kick in the ass.
10. The striker fired the ball towards the goal, where it [grazed] the post, and then rolled into the net.
11. The horses were galloping across the meadow, the cows were [grazing] in the pasture, the pigs were playing in the mud, and I was sitting on the porch watching it all, and drinking a cold beer.
12. An Ethiopian proverb notes that the cattle is as good as the pasture in which it [grazes].
13. A Chinese proverb notes that a good horse will never return to [graze] on grass it has already passed by.
14. William Wordsworth wrote, "The cattle are [grazing], their heads never raising; there are forty feeding like one! "
15. The cow-monsters of Saturn love to [graze] on the skyscrapers of Earth.
16. When flocks of crows [graze] in a field, lookouts are posted to watch for approaching danger.
17. An African legend suggests that coffee was discovered after an Ethiopian shepherd noticed that his sheep stayed awake all night after [grazing] on coffee cherries.
18. During World War I, the American President's wife [grazed] sheep on the front lawn of the White House.
19. The Maasai have [grazed] their cattle on the vast grassy plains of Serengeti for thousands of years.
20. [Grazing] animals such as cows are quite vulnerable to attacks from predators because they have to eat frequently.
21. Experts agree that by leaving the rainforests intact and harvesting its many nuts, fruits, oil-producing plants, and medicinal plants, the rainforest has more economic value than if it is cut down to make [grazing] land for cattle or for timber.
22. Kathe Kollwitz once wrote, "No longer diverted by other emotions, I work the way a cow [grazes]."

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